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In July 2011 I was lucky enough to take some of my teenagers on a 4 day residential to a place called Bransdale Mill in North Yorkshire. This was organised in partnership with Refugee Youth and The National Trust. I got to work alongside some of the youth workers from Refugee Youth and I'm happy to promote their website here.

Refugee Youth -

Even in these hard times of financial withdrawl of support for charities, Refugee Council are still doing incredible work for their communitites. Read more about their work on their website;

The National Coalition Against Deportation Campaign is a collection of people who are working hard to support people affected by deportation. Their website is full of useful information.

I have benefitted a lot from being on the mailing list @ ESOL Research. It is an invaluable way to making contact with the wider ESOL community. If you have a question about ESOL, this is the place to ask it.
 ESOL Research @ Leeds University

Click here to view the e-mail list and to sign up to join the group!

Language Garden is a web-based learning platform that can bring grammar and language learning to life. I'vebeen using it in my classroom for the last academic year and can see a lot of potential in building it into my teaching for the future. If you're looking for something different and like the idea of making your own "Language Plants" then have a look at this website!

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