Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Host a mini-Olympics to celebrate the International Diversity of your language school.

Host a mini-Olympics to celebrate the International Diversity of your language school.

The Olympic Torch is coming to Leeds on Sunday. To celebrate we are having our own “mini-Olympics” on the 26th of June.

Map created by Entry 2 ESOL student using BBC website as a template.

There is not much time but we are considering having an Opening Ceremony. There are a few key moments that will make great photo opportunities and will also give a chance to capture the diversity of the students; Flag procession, dancing, music... This idea is still on the drawing board.

So far we have selected a range of sports:

•100m running race

•Long distance running race (e.g. 5 laps of the football pitch)

•Water bomb shot-put

•Water pistol marksman

•Standing jump

•3-legged race

•How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

•Drinking straw javelin



•Table tennis


•Paper plate discus

•Basketball shoot-out

•5 a-side football

•Apple bobbing


Risk Assessments will need to take place.

Some sports and activities will be on a drop-in basis, others will need teams to be finalised prior to the event.

Work is now underway to allocate students to different events – they can opt in to events by signing their names on lists.

See the document below for a simple idea on how to recruit competitors. It could do with a few images to make it more attractive but that's a task for one of my students!

Finally some kind of awards ceremony, also coordinated with end of year awards, will take place.


If you are planning an event, please get in touch via the comments box and we can share ideas. Any other suggestions for activities or sports are most welcome.


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