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Need Inspiration for Planning a Diamond Jubilee Event?

Preparing for a Diamond Jubilee Event

Example of resources used:

My Entry 2 class have been working very hard, preparing for a Diamond Jubilee Party on the 31st of May.

I've created a Scribd Collection (which you can find here which is full of posters (60 decades activity, Royal Family Tree and many more).

Here are a few simple things you should considering if you are planning to have an event to celebrate the Jubilee.

  • If you can, ask for donations from students to pay for cutlery, plates, bowls and serving bowls, tablecloths, cups, rubbish bags, etc.
  • Do the necessary paperwork, Risk Assessments, invitations, posters.
  • Create job descriptions for a class or volunteers and designate jobs - site management (rubbish, people flow, queue meet & greet if you want to control initial influx of people), food servers, hosts, activity supervisors.
  • Involve students in everything, ownership = a good party.
  • Have a raffle, best dressed queen / king, man / woman with prizes.
  • Have games like pin the tail on the Corgi.
  • Invite students to bring in food to share - celebrate the cultural cuisine by labelling with flags / descriptions. Servers to explain to people what there is.
  • Create a world map (like the one below) and use it as a focal point to record student population densities (Why not create Excel spreadsheet during the day and display pie chart?) 

Any other ideas are welcome!

Here's a collection of pictures taken during the preparation stages.

 I will write more about this soon,

Look out for resources and information about hosting an Olympic Torch event, an Olympic Event and a Closing Ceremony!

With this post I hope to embrace the Olympic spirit of Inspiration, if you are inspired to do something, please add resources to my Scribd page and comment on this post and my videos.

All Diamonds are bits of coal, under the right circumstances. Try to make sure it isn't too high pressure and enjoy yourself responsibly!

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