Friday, 18 March 2011

My interests and dreams #vidstory

The #vidstory project is building momentum with about 10 finished videos and still more to come. The message and themes speak for themselves. 

The students have found ways to communicate on a level that I've found truly inspiring and informative. 

I've seen their homelands - buildings, countryside and people. I've seen their beliefs, their faith, their respect of their culture. I've also seen the UK through their eyes. My ears are filled with sounds from around the globe.

They make media rich resources and will provoke a lot of discussion.

Here is a video by Mustafe. I think it is truly outstanding.

The rawness of the misspelling, the diversity of his message and the informative nature of the video engaged me throughout and was well received by his peers. 

The next video is made by an Italian / Chinese collaboration. It reminded me that I live in a beautiful Great Britain.

The final video in this post is a really powerful video that shows another side of the lives of some students who are studying English in the UK.

The quality of the movies is steadily improving. There are some very strong voices expressed through those images. I hope to get voices or text added to videos to enhance the learning process and combine it with language.

My hope is to begin sharing this project with other young people studying at other colleges and help them build a Social Network. That network will provide them with solidarity and support. 

Please visit to find out more about other events and activities that are being organised throughout the country to raise awareness of young migrants and the complex lives they live. 

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  1. Hi Mike, I am following the changes of your students videos and I must say the whole project is a great idea. I have to create my own video. This seems very interesting to students using both english language and IT at the same time! Keep up the good work, congrats to everyone!


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