Monday, 10 January 2011

Hints and Tips to practise an ESOL Entry 2 reading exam

It's that time of year again - Test Test TEST!

If I had my way language classes wouldn't be funded by students' achievements but that's a different post!

I thought to myself:
"How can I encourage students to inspect the techniques and approaches necessary for their reading exam?"
I decided to create a mock-exam which would be in the style of the exam papers that they will see.

I wanted to emphasise certain points. These included :

  • How to use a glossary and a diagram. 
  • The importance of reading instructions.
  • How to identify key words and find the answers to questions.
  • Key language e.g. action verbs, male / female, use of prefix re-.
  • Reading information from a table.
  • Looking for keywords in a document.
  • Placing words in a list that is in alphabetical order.
Here is the document that I made. I love using PowerPoint to design worksheets like this because you can pick up and move each part of the document. This makes editing the document fairly simple.

Which programmes do you use when you are making worksheets?

What are your tips and tricks for helping students to prepare for exams? 

Exams time is high pressure and stressful but does the process actually help students learn language?

P.S. I plan to use some screen capturing software to give feedback on this document and how to get 
full marks! Watch this space...

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