Sunday, 21 November 2010

Preparing for Trinity ESOL Speaking and Listening Exams

My students are taking their Entry 2 ESOL exams in mid December so I'm starting to introduce the exam structure to them. The exam board has a very good website where you can watch the videos for all the levels. (click on ESOL Skills for Life / Sample Videos)
I've also uploaded a number of videos to YouTube to make it easier for my students to find them. It also means I can embed them into my blog :)

These videos really help students to prepare for the exam and they also help them to measure their own skills with real students.

Students will be given at least one mock exam.

The role-plays and discussions are available on the Trinity website too...

Entry 2 Spec Role-plays & Grp Discus

I will use these to develop sessions where students take part in group work to predict language that would be useful in the role-plays and discussions. Making this preparation period for the exam interesting is always tricky but I've got a few ideas. More soon.

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