Sunday, 17 October 2010

Videos for the past simple

How could I make my classes more interactive and interesting for the students and any would be observer?

I wanted to engage the learners in a way that had relevance and meaning in their lives.

After watching the TV for about 15 minutes I saw this advert for a well-known, high street branch. There are others, this isn't an endorsement :)

The visual messages are really strong. A question about the theme or the gist at the end of the first viewing would produce plenty of target language.

Next there are plenty of opportunities to freeze it and ask questions. What is happening? Where are they?

The students could then write up a comic strip made from freeze frame made by using PowerPoint, Screen Print (a button on your keyboard) and produce a nice document.

I should watch TV more often.

Here's a few other ideas:

I thought this one would be great posted on Moodle and students can access it if they want.

In fact you'll find a lot more of Lloyds TSB's videos on YouTube.

I loved this one for use of the future tenses

Don't forget, if you have vlc media player ( you can play the video in slow motion.
Open your VLC Player, play file.
Press key from keyboard containing symbol of opening squire bracket i-e "[" then your track speed will slow down. Press "]" to speed up.
Note: These Hot key only work on active window of of VLC Player.

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