Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Induction - Fire Vocabulary

Induction is a time for giving students essential information and also observing and assessing their skills.

Today I used the 2 videos below to assess my students knowledge of some keywords that I will be using next week to complete a few tasks related to the fire drill and health and safety. I also used it as a way to assess their abilities of looking at a whiteboard and also write on a piece of paper at the same time. This is such an essential skill that is often not taught or assessed.

In this first video I asked students to tell me the names of the images as they appeared.

I then gave them this handout -

Fire Vocab

The students wrote a number next to each picture, respectively, as they appeared.

After checking, orally to see if students could pronounce the words correctly...

"What was picture number 1?"

...I then showed them the next video with the words on it and told them to write them down next to the images.

I observed the class as they took part and made notes on their abilities regarding their speed, accuracy and hand writing.

If you use this with your class please let me know how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

    Looked at your video and used the worksheet with my Entry 2s during induction. Was a much more interesting way to go through fire procedures/health and safety than the recording we have!


    Mike H


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