Monday, 17 May 2010

Online activities for ESOL students

Here's a few of my favourite sites that I direct my ESOL students to when I'm having tutorials or needing to preprare smaller numbers for resit exams. I am fortunate enough to have access to an open access area where I can book computers. I also published this list on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) at work.
Please feel free to copy and paste this list if you think it will be useful for your students.

Item ESOLUK website - learning English online
Use this website to watch videos, access worksheets and online activities, chat and blog.
Item - website
Use this website to access games and activities to practice your English online.
Fantastic website with free interactive games and worksheets for all levels.
Item BBC website - learn English
Use this website to read about grammar and spelling rules. You can also find fun activities and games to play in your free time!
Item English Grammar Lessons
Learn Grammar rules and do online activities to practice what you learn in class.
Another website for practicing your English grammar, spelling and vocabulary
Item University of Victoria, Canada - Study Zone
Follow this link for more online exercises
Item Interactive quizzes and games for practicing your English
Lots of low level activities here!
Item Online grammar quizzes from
Another good website for grammar quizzes.
Item English Learner website
More activities for practicing your language skills

Let me know which sites you think are best and also if you know any other great sites!
The only problem I have with some sites is the inappropriate advertising - please view before you share with your students!

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