Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My first day at school - Roger McGough - Lesson evaluation

This lesson was a definite success! Thanks again to Mike Harrison for the initial idea and the lesson plan.
I used it with a High Entry 2 ESOL class who are mostly 16-18 year olds. They were able to remember their first days at school because they are so young! There were also some interesting anecdotes about corporal punishment and the lack of respect that young people show to teachers in British schools.

I found the predicting part of the lesson to be very challenging for students who have not developed a perceptive artistic mind. European students definitely found the predicting stage easier to engage with and came up with a lot of ideas especially with the fourth picture where they suggested; the surface of the moon, a beach by the sea and also a river.

After playing the clip I asked the students to look for the 13 words in the text and then to identify any words they didn’t understand – swallow, railings, wolves, puddles, sewn were the only additional words!
Thanks again for sharing the idea and I encourage others to experiment with this poem and any others they can find on YouTube. I found the students really seemed to respond to the different format of text and how the writer can take on the attitude and mind of another person. They also showed a lot of interest in how the animation was created and I think we may explore this in a later lesson.

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  1. *Just checked funny, interesting and cool in your reactions section above*

    A great evaluation. In particular I think it's interesting that your European students took better to the prediction/guessing part of the lesson plan. I've looked at the poem with a number of different groups - E2, E3/L1 and L1/L2 [non-ESOL readers that's pre-intermediate, intermediate and intermediate/advanced] and was quite surprised. They all found guessing what the pictures were quite difficult, European and non-European students alike.

    Another common reaction was laughter when the 'monster' burps after eating up the children!

    Thanks =)


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