Tuesday, 11 May 2010

10 Blogs worth keeping an eye on

I've been feeling rather good about the world of Blogging today. The picture above is part of the reason why; I knew nothing about this until this morning.

The picture is explained very clearly in Mike Harrison's Blog  where I saw it first thing this morning - He describes the picture as "... an initiative called ‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’ which roughly translates into English as ‘it’s worth keeping an eye on this blog’. The chosen blog should copy the image and link back to the blog that gave the blogger the award."

As I dug deeper into the initiative I discovered that two fantastic Bloggers (Phil Bird and Michelle Worgan) had both mentioned me in their lists! I was honoured to see my name appear in their lists and I felt fantastic to be amongst some other familiar names within the ELT/ESOL digital world.

In honour of the initiative I will now list the 10 blogs that I feel are worth keeping an eye on. Thanks to Mike, Phil and Michelle for their inspiring posts and I look forward to sharing many more of my own...

1 - http://diaryofatraineeteacher.edublogs.org  This blog is written by Ty Kendall and brings a refreshing new pair of eyes onto the ELT scene

2 - http://mfljones.wordpress.com/about/ Resources and ideas for a Language Teacher; I love the International news feeds headed by flags and the multi-lingual header.

3 - http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/ written by Tom Barrett; This blog is a fantastic source of information on using technology and media in the ELT classroom.

4 - http://jeffreyhill.typepad.com/english/ written by Jeffrey Hill; a fast-paced media filled blog that is always up to date and provides me with plenty of ideas for materials and discussion topics.

5 - http://www.macmillanglobal.com - although this is not a blog in itself there is a list of dozens of blogs here so I felt it is worth a mention.

6 - http://esolwriting.blogspot.com - Mohamed Bham uses this blog as a space for students to engage in discussions and practice their writing skills - a great example of a working blog.

7 - http://www.tesolacademic.com/ - Huw Javis edits this very useful online docstore of recent tesol research where theory and practice are beautifully linked. There is a great depth of reading to be found here!

8 - http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com - Sean Banville's site is full of great lesson plans and well worth a browse.

9 - http://eflclassroom.ning.com/ - not exactly a blog but an inspiring site none the less and there are links to loads of good sites.

10 - http://www.freetech4teachers.com/ - Richard Byrne presents a fantastic blog with over 2500 posts, again a fountain of knowledge well worth a visit.

I don't know how many of these have already been mentioned and I'm sure that I have forgotten to mention many others. 

Please also check my ESOL website links at the top of the page if you are looking for websites that your students can visit to practice their language skills.

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  1. Thanks MisterMike for including TESOLacademic in your listings. I hope that your visitors enjoy what the site has to offer. BW Huw


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