Sunday, 7 March 2010

Use Wordle to revise the Past Simple

Wordle: Past Simple Irregular VerbsWordle: Revision of the Past Simple

Why not use Wordle to review the past simple with ESOL students? 

Wordle is a great free application which creates beautiful word clouds. I used it with my Entry 2 ESOL students to review the past simple.

What you need - a juggling ball and a word cloud created at 

I asked all the students to stand up. I then explained that they should say one word from the word cloud and then tell me what that word is in the present (or past if verb in the present). They should then throw the juggling ball to another student and sit down (if they said the correct form!) 

The easier verbs obviously went quickly and those students that were left standing had a smaller and smaller choice.

I repeated the activity asking the students to make full sentences.

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