Monday, 18 January 2010

Shopping Activity for Entry 2 ESOL students

Shopping Activity

Number of students - approx 20

Layout the classroom like this - 

View the PowerPoint and elicit the new lexis from the students. Click here to view the PowerPoint, you can download it and edit it too!

Ask two or three students to deliver the goods (printed cards) to the shops. Monitor them to check that they can place the goods into the correct shops. Ask the same students to act as 'security guards'. The 'security guards' stand either side of the teacher's desk and only allow students into the open space until the teacher tells them it's OK.

Nominate 4 students to be 'shop keepers' and then ask the remaining students to write shopping lists based on what they remember from the PowerPoint. The 'shop keepers' should keep the cards in their hands and not show them to the 'customers'. The 'shop keepers' should only give a card when a student asks correctly for it. 

The teacher instructs the 'security guards' to allow the 'customers' into the shopping space. The 'customers' have to approach the correct shops and get the things on their lists. If the shop has sold out of the objects they need to collect (all the things on their list) they have to try and remember other items from the PowerPoint and add them to their list.

'Customers' can only leave the shopping area when the teacher has checked the shopping list and confirmed with the 'security guards'.

Observe the students and record their interactions as you see fit.

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