Monday, 4 January 2010

Evalutaion of the Excel class

After introducing the topic with the PowerPoint - Why do we use Excel.ppt I split the class into four groups. The groups were given the pictures and some sentences to match to the pictures. I split the groups so that there was a mix of abilities. Groups that struggled with the language were told to look for keywords within the sentences and encouraged to make a guess based on what they did know. After the students had successfully managed to match the words to the pictures I then gave the students a copy of the slides in handout form, four to a page.

The students then wrote the sentences onto the handouts. After the writing activity I checked meaning, pronunciation and form of any unfamiliar words and I encouraged students to read one sentence each.

Next we watched the video 4_fruits.wmv and this provided some good discussions about the names of fruits in other languages.

After the video I gave a brief description of the Excel task - fruits.xls - before we had a 15 minute break.

After the break I demonstrated and elicited from the students how to complete the instructions in the fruit.xls activity. Students then worked independently, with support from my LSA and myself and their peers. Individual students were given instruction, feedback and comments to help them understand any language that they didn't know.

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  1. Sounds like a great lesson, I may try it!


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