Monday, 18 January 2010

Another Excel activity to practice using the sum function

Introduce the class with the PowerPoint that you can download here. Elicit from the students what the map shows. Students should be able to deduce that the colour coded areas are related to the spellings of nationalities.

Elicit different nationalities from the class as each arrow appears on the PowerPoint. Write the nationalities on a whiteboard or flipchart and underline the endings or if using a SmartBoard you can underline them on that.

Open a blank Excel file or pre prepare one with your students names in, in column A. Elicit the nationalities from the class and add them into row A. Enter a '1' for each student in the correct cell. Autosum each column to find the total number of students for each nationality. Click here to view an example.

Now this is the tricky bit... You can download screenshots here

  1. Select the row of totals at the bottom of the file
  2. Click on Insert / Bar / Select the first option
  3. Right click on the graph and click on select data
  4. 'Select Data Source' box will open, click on edit in the right hand box - these are the horizontal axis labels
  5. Select B1 to H1 (the nationalities that you have chosen) and click OK
  6. Click OK on the 'Select Data Source' box

You should now have a lovely graph showing the numbers and nationalities of your students.

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