Friday, 8 January 2010

Activity to celebrate diversity at a College or School

Blog post about a session I did with ESOL students for Diversity at an F.E. college -


  1. Hi Mike - we've got Multi-cultural week next week at my college. I'm going to pass on your video link to my colleague who does the E1/2 16-19s.
    I had an idea along similiar lines - I wanted to get a VERY large world map on a display board and encourage all students (not just ESOL) to stick a pin in anywhere they have a connection (maybe an aunt lives there or they went on holiday there etc). Each pin would have a slip of paper attached so they can write briefly what the connection is. I though it would be a very visual way of expressing how multicutural the college is and break down the barriers between ESOL and non-ESOL students.

  2. Sounds great. Feel free to get them to look at the blog too. They can e-mail me at if they have any questions.
    Thanks for taking an interest in my work.


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