Saturday, 26 December 2009

Smell box activity - Equality and Divesity

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Icebreaker – arrange chairs to suit the group – put half as many chairs as there are students – ask some students to sit down, others to stand – feedback as to how it felt for each group – explain discrimination

Put notice on door – you are late, please knock and wait

Similar or different – Make sure you have plenty of room for movement. Ask for 2 volunteers. Get remaining students to describe differences they can see related to the two students – 2 students to step away based on differences.

Students then use sentences that show similarities and the pair step towards each other as they share an attribute. It was interesting to see that there were far more similarities between students.

Discuss key elements Equality and Diversity – elicit key words – show skeleton PowerPoint – Equality and Diversity.ppt and get students to think about catch-phrases or comments Introduce task – need card, rulers, glue and selotape, scissors and a box full of things that smell. Smells can range from cinnamon to aftershave.

Students make activities for the rest of the students at Enfield – smell boxes!

Ensure boxes are numbered – put labels with number and SMELL ME – place boxes around ground floor of college building.

Plenary – feedback – summary of what we have talked about / diary

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  1. Click on the title to view a video in youtube.


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